CgRepo (as the name itself) is a CG Assets Repository (Actually Beta Testing), We decided to "start with" publishing our best pbr materials textures that are procedurally created using our SBSAR Generators , those generators as long as 3d models, brushes, character generator , Vdbs and more.. will be published in the final release of CgRepo.

Actually we are on beta testing the website and platform, and all asset's previews has been rendered using Unreal Engine 4.2 .



Here below an expected timeline of what you will see happening on CgRepo



Release Date



0.5 Beta

 January 2020

250 Pbr Materials (Jpgs ) - Searching Sponsors


0.6 | 0.7


Server And Platform Changes


0.8 Beta

 May 2020

+230 Pbr Materials (Jpgs) 


0.9 Beta

January 2021

Surface Imperfections Introduction and major changes in workflows


1.0 Beta

Aug / Dec 2021

Re-Render All Previews and Icons GGX BRDF (Chaos V-Ray)
ReBake Pbr Materials and Sif in EXR Raw Format
Webp Thumbnails

Multi Size Pack Downloads
+300 Pbr Materials
+50 Sif Imperfections

1.0 Rc

Gen 2022

More Pbr and Sif:
+400 Pbr Materials
+50 Sif Imperfections

Releasing SbSar Generators:
SbSar Wood Veneer Generator
SbSar Wood Flooring Generator
Sbsar Leather Generator
SbSar Marble Generator

Releasing Vdbs First Batch
Basic Fire Vdbs - Sprites - Rendering
Basic Smokes Vdbs - Sprites - Rendering

All Pbr Materials (Textures Packs) published in CgRepo can be used on Major Render Engines and Game Engines that support PBR Metal Roughness Workflow.

 If you have any question feel free to contact us trought the Contact Module.

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