In CgRepo we deal with computer graphics and special effects for over 15 years.

Recently we decided to sell our best assets to the public.

In the initial phase (beta testing) you will find a library of PBR textures, in the next steps 3d brushes and 3d models will also be published . Before publishing and selling a product, in CgRepo we test it in different environments, to be sure that it works well in every production line.



Our textures are tested using the Metallic / Roughness workflow and are all created using procedural methods (Substance Designer) or through photogrammetry or stereo photometry.

The pbr (pbr textures sets) materials available on cgrepo, can be used with the major render engines (Corona, Vray, RedShift ...) and in realtime engines with the PBR Metallic Roughness Workflow.
The textures present in each set are JPG 100% Compression format and are crafted following the state of the art production standards, we tested our JPG in many situations and we've not encountered significative differences between 100% JPG and RAW TGA in terms of final rendering quality. However if you think that JPG is not good enough for your purposes or you need to scale them or use them in UHD Macro Output you can effectively touch the limit of the JPG format so do not esitate to let us know, we will be happy to package and send you the RAW TGA Assets. 

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