Cgrepo Pbr Materials Textures and models are used by news agencies, game developers, architects, visual effects, advertisers, studios, and creative experts around the planet. Whether you are a 3D artist or not, you have probably seen Cgrepo models hundreds of times and did not know it – which is fine with us!

Our aim is to save customers the time of making a stunning textures, and instead let them spend their time on other areas of their production pipeline. Our customers tell us they can keep an average of 26 hours per model purchased.

Cgrepo secondary aim is to target the creativity of artists around the planet to continually better our library of models, while helping the artists who supply those textures build their career.

Cgrepo is headquartered in Italy . We are the leading global creative platform providing high standard content, full-service solutions, and tools for businesses, brands, and media firms.


Company history

Our founding team of 3D artists created Cgrepo in the year 2015. Our team started in the 3D industry in 1994, when technologies were primitive, and if a wireframe could update in more than one position at a time, it was a huge deal.

Through our animation work, we made an amazing library of models. You can get Premium Pbr Textures up to 8K EXR and Free Pbr Textures up to 2k JPG and Free Pbr Textures (2k Jpg) for commercial use through this library at an affordable rate.

Our aim is the same as it was when we started: To provide the globe with remarkable 3D assets that make it easier to be artistic and to provide artists everywhere a possibility to make a living as part of that community.

It is an honor for all of the staff to be a part of the inspiration expressed via Cgrepo, even if all of our parents have no idea what we do!


Our team

Cgrepo is forward-thinking in every sense of the term. We are a big team of over 50 staff members who consider inclusion, diversity, community, and balance as stepping stones on the path to innovation. We use the new 3D tools and develop latest edge processes to make the Cgrepo experience excellent for artists, customers and team members.

As the world’s biggest source of professional 3D models, working at Cgrepo means working with the most famous video game developers, movie studios, and TV, architecture, and advertising firms, and educational institutions in the planet.



Our textures are tested using the Metallic / Roughness workflow and are all created using procedural methods (Substance Designer) or through photogrammetry or stereo photometry.

The pbr (pbr textures sets) materials available on cgrepo, can be used with the major render engines (Corona, Vray, RedShift ...) and in realtime engines with the PBR Metallic Roughness Workflow.
The textures present in each set are JPG 100% Compression format and are crafted following the state of the art production standards, we tested our JPG in many situations and we've not encountered significative differences between 100% JPG and RAW TGA in terms of final rendering quality. However if you think that JPG is not good enough for your purposes or you need to scale them or use them in UHD Macro Output you can effectively touch the limit of the JPG format so do not esitate to let us know, we will be happy to package and send you the RAW TGA Assets. 

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