Mahogany Versailles
Mahogany Versailles is a (Metallic/Roughness Workflow)PBR Material (textures set).
This package is available at 8192px (8k) maximum size , and each texture is in RAW EXR Format , you will be able to choose your preferred size after acquiring the asset. each texture of this set is seamless and tileable.
Free (2048 px) 2k textures in High Quality jpg format are downloadable for free (registred users) clicking the preview button.
NOTE : Free 2k Jpg Textures can be used in commercial projects without attribution required, still it would be nice thanks us!

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Ambient Occlusion
Mahogany Versailles Ambient Occlusion Texture
Mahogany Versailles BaseColor Texture
Mahogany Versailles Height Texture
Mahogany Versailles Metallic Texture
Mahogany Versailles Normal Texture
Mahogany Versailles Roughness Texture
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Mahogany Versailles Texture

Mahogany Versailles is a pbr (Metallic/Roughness Workflow) textures set.
Mahogany Versailles Textures includes : Albedo Texture - Normal Bump Map Texture - Roughness Texture and also Displacement Texture and Ambient Occlusion.
The Size of each Texture Map is 8192px (8k) in High Quality Jpg Format , each Texture of this set is seamless and tileable. No Seams
Free (1024 px) 1k textures in Compressed Quality jpg format are downloadable for free (registred users) at bottom of this page
NOTE : We give 1024px textures for free because we do not consider them large enough to be used in professional workflow..