Here below an expected timeline of what you will see happening on CgRepo



Release Date



0.5 Beta

 January 2020

250 Pbr Materials (Jpgs ) - Searching Sponsors


0.6 | 0.7


Server And Platform Changes


0.8 Beta

 May 2020

+230 Pbr Materials (Jpgs) 


0.9 Beta

January 2021

Surface Imperfections Introduction and major changes in workflows


1.0 Beta

Aug / Dec 2021

Re-Render All Previews and Icons GGX BRDF (Chaos V-Ray)
ReBake Pbr Materials and Sif in EXR Raw Format
Webp Thumbnails

Multi Size Pack Downloads
+300 Pbr Materials
+50 Sif Imperfections

1.0 Rc

Gen 2022

More Pbr and Sif:
+400 Pbr Materials
+50 Sif Imperfections

Releasing SbSar Generators:
SbSar Wood Veneer Generator
SbSar Wood Flooring Generator
Sbsar Leather Generator
SbSar Marble Generator

Releasing Vdbs First Batch
Basic Fire Vdbs - Sprites - Rendering
Basic Smokes Vdbs - Sprites - Rendering



Buy and download out professional PBR Textures (or download them for free at 2k Jpg resolution) and computer graphics assets ready to be used in CG projects, video and film production, visualization games, animation, VR/AR, games, and others. Assets are accessible for download in many industry-accepted formats including EXR , SBSAR , 3DS, OBJ, FBX, ZTL  and other. If you are searching for high poly or real-time 3D assets, we have a leading digital Cgrepo art library for all your needs.

100% free 2k JPG PBR Textures

Not just free, but CCO, meaning you can use for totally free any purpose without any limitations.

No paywalls needed, just signup and download the free 2k jpg version of every premium asset.

High standard

“Free” and “quality” do not forever have to be mutually exclusive.

We do not want to pollute the web with more trash, so we target on creating the top assets that you can actually use.

Our focus is to make content that will not just hold up today’s standard, but top future standards, and the potential of future hardware too.

Easy to download

Textures are accessible in sizes up to 8k pixels and come with displacement, roughness and normal maps and can be download under the CCO license so can be used fully free even for commercial projects.

The site permits for simple download of textures and does not even need you register or restrict the number of textures you can download on a daily basis.

Supported by you

As a 3D artist yourself, you know how much work is to make good assets, mainly when other people will not need to use them for a range of projects.

The camera and computers equipment necessary to produce high standard content are costly, and so is the website infrastructure required to keep this platform running.

This is where you come in.

With your support, not just can we keep Cgrepo library alive and running, but we can better it.

There is forever a big range of free game art. These are GUI, kits, tilesets, backgrounds, icons and free 2 character sprites.  All the graphics you can integrate into such famous game engines are Unity, Construct 2, unreal engine, GameSalad etc.

With their help can make game projects. All presented graphics at a cheap price and has no limitations on use in commercial projects, as well as you can feel free to use each item in unlimited projects.



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